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The history of jigsaw puzzles

Like many products, jigsaw puzzles began their existence quite by chance. Originally conceived as a teaching aid, John Spilsbury a London mapmaker of the 18th century thought that by cutting up an atlas of the world, which had been hand painted onto a flat piece of wood, his children could improve their geography. In lockstep with the growth of the British Empire to the far flung corners of the world it made perfect sense to educate youngsters on the global reach of the empire. Soon after Spilsbury and his jigsaw were sawing up wooden maps, schools sought to benefit from this simple device. Today a few jigsaw puzzles are still made from wood but by far the majority are made of compressed paper board. Paper board jigsaw puzzles are more economical, have a more consistent quality and can have pristine images printed onto them. Virtually all jigsaw puzzles in Canada are made from compressed board. There are still some retail access points in Canada for wooden jigsaw puzzles but they would probably be more easily found on the internet.

Gibsons jigsaw puzzles

Having a sharp clean edge to the jigsaw puzzle pieces allows the pieces to be smaller and to fit together more tightly. Gibsons jigsaw puzzles in Canada are made from highly compressed board. The board which has had an image glued onto its surface is then run through a press. The press has a blade device in the shape of the jigsaw puzzle which is stamped onto the image. The pressure can be up to 200 tons to ensure a clean and thorough cut. The jigsaw puzzle pieces are then carefully air blown into a plastic bag which is then heat sealed. Gibsons jigsaw puzzle pieces are fully interlocking which means any assembled pieces will remain attached to one another even if the puzzle is lifted vertically or even rolled up in a jigsaw puzzle wrap.

Where to purchase Gibsons jigsaw puzzles in Canada.

There are retailers across Canada who stock Gibsons jigsaw puzzles. These retailers carry a wide range of Gibsons jigsaw puzzles and always have the latest inventory available. Gibsons jigsaw puzzles can alos be purchased online at Canada Canada puzzles ship across Canada and the United States. Canada puzzles do in fact ship Gibsons jigsaw puzzles worldwide to countries such as The Philippines, Turkey and even Australia. The widest possible range of Gibsons jigsaw puzzles is available online at Canada

Basic tips on Gibsons jigsaw puzzle assembly

Strategy is important in order to best enjoy your initial puzzling experiences. It is best to assemble all the edge pieces at first. This is easy given there will always be a least one flat side on a perimeter piece. This will allow you to put together the entire outside edge of the jigsaw puzzle. You might then want to assemble similarly coloured pieces together as often there are areas of sky or grass that can be worked on as separate sections. Because the jigsaw puzzle pieces are exceptionally precise it will be next to impossible to fit together puzzle pieces that, despite their identical colour, do not really fit. The picture accompanying the jigsaw puzzle will always render exactly the colours and shapes and is obviously an accurate guide. Gibsons jigsaw puzzles are great fun and there is a great deal of satisfaction gained upon their completion. It is truly a wonderful hobby.

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